Quick Fix Consulting

What is quick fix consulting?

Basically, it’s where a client has an issue with their website or some small project that they need taken care of. They don’t need one-on-one coaching or a full blown consulting package to get that issue resolved.

This is where quick fix consulting comes in. Here is a list of some of those tasks or small jobs that we handle with this service:

  • Blog issues such as plug-in updates, database backups, restore a table, etc.
  • Small customizations to your website, installing a widget, or setting up folders on your server
  • Small technical tasks, such as, migrating blog content, figuring out a problem, domain management
  • Answering a quick question that only takes a few minutes time.

Quick fix is a flat $89. Have a “pain in the neck” issue and you don’t have the time to figure it out – send it our way!

Of course, we can’t handle everything at this price point, but if we cannot handle the job for $79, we will let you know. So, free up some of your time so you can concentrate on those things that you are best at in your business.

You may want to use quick fix only as you need it or have us manage things on a weekly or monthly basis. Whichever you choose, quick fix is easy and flexible. No long-term commitments here – you pay to have your issue resolved and you’re done!

Quick Fix Consulting

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